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THEATRE 1. In this class you will learn basic stage directions and terms as well as learning about different stage types, lights, and curtains. To follow that you will begin performing scenes focusing on how to interpret Objectives, Goals, and Tactics. You will continue to adapt your knowledge throughout Duet scenes, monologues and group scenes. In the end of the year, your final will be a selected scene from Arsenic and Old Lace.

This class is taught by Mr. Hurst, and Mrs. Boudiette. Rooms 5230, and 5230 S


THEATRE 2. In this class, you'll first learn the history and ideas used by both Greek and Shakespearean theatre, as well as perform scenes from both eras. At the end of the first semester, you will start performing different scenes from a single full-length play chosen by your teacher. For the entire second semester, each individual student will begin directing their own chosen scene from a full-length play. You will not be performing in your scene, but instead plan your set, music, props, then appoint chosen actors to your will. And after everyone is done directing, you will begin your monologue final.

This class is taught by Mrs. Boudiette, in room 5230 S


THEATRE 3. In this class you will focus on character development, script analysis, scoring, and technique. You will first perform your monologue from Acting Styles and Directing, and then you will begin Shakespeare monologues and scenes. After those, you will begin performing contemporary scenes, then move on to performing scenes from All in the Timing. In the second semester, you will start advanced directing and performing throughout to the end of the year.

This Class is taught by Mr. Hurst, in room 5230


An audition only class for students in the 12th grade. Use past knowledge to perform children's shows at local libraries and elementary schools. This class is also a way to prepare students for auditioning for college. You must take all three previous theatre courses to audition for this class.

This Class is taught by Mr. Hurst, in room 5230.

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