Thespian Officers 2021-2022


Elliot Whitworth


Hey guys, I'm Elliot Whitworth and I'm your president! I've had the pleasure of stage managing almost every show we've put on since my freshman year. I'm here to connect all aspects and people in this department. If you've got a problem, question, or concern, I'm your man!


Justin Chavez

Vice President

Hi! My name is Justin Chavez and I'm your Vice President! My main goal is for everything to run smoothly, help out in any way I can, and for everyone to feel welcomed. I've been a part of this department for a while now and I am constantly amazed by the talent I see from upper and lower classmen. I also like slushies and I have a chihuahua (he's chill).


Olivia Lopez


Hello! My name is Olivia Lopez and I'm your secretary! My job is to maintain this department's social media and to run this lovely website! You can always look to this website or our other social media to find cast lists or to find information for future events! Since my freshman year, I've been involved in this department, and it has brought nothing but joy into my life! I also love long walks on the beach and my favorite color is pink!


Aaron Siebert


I'm a senior currently serving as co-historian. I've served as an officer the previous two years and have experience with editing and cameras. I plan to serve my current duty the best I can!


Mackenzie Lewis


Hi, My name is Mackenzie Lewis! I am a sophomore and one of the two historians of the Thespian Club. As a historian, my main job is to take pictures of all of our shows and activities. I also do graphic design and videography. I absolutely adore all of the parts of theatre, but I prefer to act on stage. I love the feeling of being a completely different person while on stage. I really enjoy listening to music(rock is my absolute favorite) and hanging out with my dog (his name is Bowie, Bobo for short).


Jake Batscha

Senior Representative

Hello! My name is Jake Batscha and I am the senior representative for troupe 668! This is my fifth year in the theatre department and I'm excited to represent my class! I can't wait to have a great year!



Junior Representative

Calligraphy is 16 years old and has been doing theatre for 6 years. She has done acting and managing backstage. She is kind and loyal to all she meets.


Whitaker McManus

Sophomore Representative

Hi, I'm Whitaker McManus! I'm the 2021-2022 sophomore representative. As representative, I want to actively try and give everybody a voice, and to take all voices into account. Also, I'd like to help in connecting all branches and years of drama. Last year was crazy, and we couldn't do a lot together as a department, so I want to help rebuild those connections during my term. Also, I have two dogs, I love penguins, and I can put my foot behind my head.


Miriam Bennett

Technical Representative

Hi! My name is Miriam Bennett! As the tech representative, I make sure that the people working backstage and in stagecraft classes are heard and feel equal to everyone else. I also like food and art!


Jaelyn Richardson

Makeup Representative

Hi! My name is Jaelyn Richardson and I am this year's makeup representative! My main goal is to have this department be as inclusive and as fun, as it can possibly be. I want to make sure everyone knows how hard everyone behind the scenes works.


Taryn Yahn

Freshman Representative

Hi, my name is Taryn Yahn and I am one of your Freshman Representatives! I am here to help represent all freshmen in the department! A little bit about me is that I am a very open minded and creative person. I like to think the only box is the one that you put yourself in. I am a very cheerful person and I love to help others. I am also an Eagle Scout. I want everyone to feel included and like they have a place. I hope that I can represent you freshmen well, and I plan to give this position everything I can. Thank you so much for this opportunity!


Eliza Goss

Freshman Representative

Hi! My name is Eliza Goss and I'm one of your Freshman Representatives! I started theatre in the 6th and have loved it ever since. My goal in this department is to help create a place where all freshmen can feel like they belong. I want to help this department as much as I can. I also have 4 dogs, 3 cats, and a pig!