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Welcome to Jenks Thespians!

Jenks Thespians is an extracurricular club offered by Jenks Theatre. They are recognized members of the International Thespian Society. Our Thespians help put together our shows, organize community events and gatherings, and provide an accepting environment for everyone who is interested in the Arts.

2022-2023 Officers
President - Hattie Colvert
Vice President - Jacob Shaddock
Secretaries - Ramon Lopez and Hayley Lacey
Historians - Mackenzie Lewis
Senior Representative - Hailey Bobbit
Junior Representative - Whitaker McManus
Sophomore Representative - Elisha Dalmedia
Technical Theater Representative - Ash Megeath
Makeup Representatives - Riley Shanks and Senae Barlow

Freshman Representative - Bella Kraft
Meeting Notes
Upcoming events
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